Dani McKenzie, Chelsea Lehmann, Eliza Gosse, Jo Bertini, Lucy Roleff, Marisa Mu, Sis Cowie 


1 March – 25 March 




2 March 5 – 7pm 

A Female Gaze brings together the works of seven established and emerging Australian artists. Spanning a range of stylistic approaches from vibrant surface design and bold brush strokes to classically rendered still-lifes and domestic interiors, the works attest to the myriad ways that female subjectivity can take shape. Bold visions of the body celebrate personal autonomy while visions of land, architecture and objects suggest a reciprocal exchange between the artist and subject.   

Re-envisioning painting’s typical subject matter, historically the domain of men, this work is radical without being explicitly political. As Dani McKenzie has observed, “what makes this exhibition important is not that we are making confrontational, political statements but that we are women”. A Female Gaze presents diverse perspectives of gender, femininity, and the impact that the lived experiences of women have on their creative practices today.





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