7 APRIL – 14 MAY



Stitched Panorama



Matthew Stanton’s 16mm film installation “Conversation Piece” contemplates the nature of the portrait image in relationship to topologies of surface and duration whilst examining the imprinting, transmission and translation of the “time image” through the cinematographic process.

Referencing the 7-minute exposure times typical of Julia Margaret Cameron’s 19th century photographic portraits, ‘Conversation Piece’ constitutes dual durational projections of a woman and the sea, each mirrored in scale and static frame. The ocean surface echoes and reflects the contingencies of light and human presence as a mute conversation unfolds between converging dualities – the static and animate, surface and depth, the actual and the virtual.


Matthew Stanton is a Melbourne based artist and educator who utilizes the mediums of still photography, 16mm film and video to explore relationships between surface, space and duration within the genres of landscape and portraiture. Stanton lectures in photography at the Monash University Faculty of Art Design and Architecture and Creative Arts at Deakin University. His still and moving image works have been exhibited both nationally and internationally and are also held by international museum collections.