15 June – 2 July

“Like in my previous show ‘Blommor’ in 2021, I’m continuing the bright pop colour flower theme.

Mostly inspired by interior design from growing up in 80’s Scandinavia. I’ve been looking at flower arranging and pattern design. 

Along with my painting practice, I’ve spent a lot of time this past year collaborating on a wide range on product designs, jigsaw,  tracksuit, traditional Swedish clog, and stationary. All in the same flower pop theme.

In short, I can’t stop painting flowers.”


Micke’s confident hand and unapologetic choice of chromatically lush material’s, such as Posca pen’s, bright acrylics and riso inks, reward his audience with a visually delightful series of hand-generated arrangements. His playful compositions make use of balance, colour & contrast to showcase his masterful embrace of the primary palette. The bright and snappy works on exhibit recall his most prominent influences – Japanese comics, retro Scandinavian design and the balmy Sydney summertime.

Micke studied illustration at The Camberwell College of Art in London. After which, he spent some years living in London & around Europe, before finally landing in Sydney. Over the course of his travels his works changed from illustrations of monsters and animals to the more abstract and playful paintings and drawings of shapes and flowers he is now known for.


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