Penelope Davis and Stephen Haley | Rupert Bunny Foundation Visual Arts Fellowship

Reverse Photography, an artistic collaboration by Penelope Davis and MARS artist Stephen Haley, will open at The Gallery, St Kilda Town Hall, 20 September.



Penelope Davis and Stephen Haley are the recipients of the 2015 Rupert Bunny Foundation Visual Arts Scholarship, established in 2005 to support contemporary visual  artists with a commitment to arts excellence. Proudly supported by the City of Port Phillip. The exhibition is on from 20 September to 18 October at The Gallery, St Kilda Town Hall.

Reverse Photography directly engages with key aspects of contemporary art practice and general social condition. In particular, the two fundamental shifts of the contemporary age – rapid global urbanisation and the emergent digital age. The project brought together the previous parallel concerns and interests of two established artists in a previously unattempted collaboration. The intention was to create an innovative series of work that uses virtual models, digital processes, photograms and 3D printing to produce cameraless photographs. The ongoing conceptual interests in space and representation in both artist’s work was both explore and advanced. The complexity of the proposed processes are intended to metaphorically represent the increasingly deferred and mediated experience of contemporary life embedded. The results are an open and imaginative reordering of the often mundane, literal medium of photography to create something far more phantasmic.



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