Peter & Molly | The Superior Animal Series

6 April – 6 May 2017


The Superior Animal Series is a compilation of multichannel video works which challenges the notion that humans deserve special moral consideration. Filmed between a domestic bathroom, a leeching clinic and a pearl farm in Broome, the work dramatically questions how intrinsic and instrumental values are assigned to animals by humans and the ethically questionable boundaries which arise as we assert our rights to transgress, own and utilise them.


Within The Superior Animal the artist engage in socially corrupt forms of animal utility manifesting self-reflections about common human practices and inflicted upon animals, and the physical parameters which are violated when animals are degraded into the class of things.


Through conducting both seemingly ‘intimate’ and ‘cruel’ bodily contact between the artists and the animals, which often stand far outside our compassionate capacities, our moral quandaries are translated into simultaneously stunning and appealing, abject imagery.


The Superior Animal trailer


Part of CLIMARTE’s ART + CLIMATE = CHANGE 2017 – a festival of exhibitions and events harnessing the creative power of the Arts to inform, engage and inspire action on climate change. www.artclimatechange.org


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