Saffron Newey & Camilla Tadich | ‘The Ordinary Instant’, The Gallery @ BACC


The work of Saffron Newey and Camilla Tadich features in ‘The ordinary instant’ at The Gallery @ Bayside  Arts and Cultural Centre.

‘The ordinary instant’ runs from July 7 – 11 September 2016.

The exhibition will include a survey of more than fifty works by Clarice Beckett, painted from c.1919 to c.1935, side by side with works by seven contemporary female artists including Newey and Tadich.

“The works of these artists, like Beckett, focus on the contemplative value that is to be found in an ‘ordinary instant’. They throw a spotlight on the passage of time and capture moments of modern-life, of ordinary life, and present it back to us, as if in a time capsule. They encourage us to take a deeper look at a scene, so prosaic that we might otherwise have looked away. In gleaning more from the subject, sometimes a symbolism manifests. Sometimes the quality of light and darkness within the environment grows more intense, and in a keenly observed space a mood deepens and reflection is given the freedom to develop.” 

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