Scotty So_Passage Gallery

Scotty So presents a new installation work, The Floating Bamboos Hang Across the Southern Court, at Passage Gallery in Sydney, opening on the 17th of November, 6-8pm. 

Inspired by his experience of the aftermath of the flood in Hong Kong and a poem from his ancestor. Scotty So offers an immersive exploration of the intersection between nature, historical Chinese poetry, and contemporary urban landscapes. The installation features PVC pipes adorned with artificial bamboo leaves, antique Chinese chairs, and a reflective floor simulating water, resonating with the poem from So’s Sung Dynasty poet ancestor, Su Shi, “The floating bamboos hang across the southern court.” Set within Sydney’s Chinatown, this work bridges the gap between traditional Chinese aesthetics and contemporary urban materials, inviting viewers to submerge into a moment of floating time.

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