2 – 26 APRIL, 2015

Pericich’s practice has been variously described as ‘hysterical’ and ‘relational aesthetics for perverts’. Ironically, such comments are not intended as criticism, celebrating rather than questioning the values of work that revels in the dark side of human nature. Pericich’s use of loaded ‘junkyard’ objects function metaphorically, in the same way that the lines of an elegy might craft a requiem. It is work that elicits flamboyant commentary; challenging writers to do justice to the ways modest materials convey ominous statements concerning the fall of humanity, aided as it is by increasingly sophisticated technologies. Pericich works on the margins of extremity, too close to the bone for fear when confronting issues of the utmost gravity. Extinction. Extreme ideas are his plaything and tERRoR 2 toys with the emotions of an audience whose response, negative or positive, will always be appropriately passionate.

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– David Broker

Exhibition essay by Tara Elizabeth Cook

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