2 – 26 APRIL, 2015

The questions that arise from watching this video are ones I think about and grapple with as an artist. I am always curious how the body, my body relates to material and elemental forces and how I interact with them.

I kept coming back to the idea when I was looking at this video that Piscina is similar to looking at a photograph, a fixed image of a man floating in a pool. But, the video was showing the activity of either side of the image: before and after the photograph. It has duration, but it doesn’t actually matter. It is a facsimile after the event, similar to the sculptural process of casting an object. A seamed trace of the original moment. An inversion.

The membrane of the water clings like a conterminous edge to the body and highlights the suspension above and below such an horizon. There is a scene in the video; just for a moment, the water no longer looks like water, but more mercurial. And the body is obscure and almost a void in the image, a punctured hole. And it’s in that moment where I see the things I think about.


Piscina, 2015

HD Video, Single Channel, Sound.

Duration 3:42mins

D.O.P and Editing: Kieran Boland

Post Production and Sound: Brie Trennery


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