Working in an expanded painting practice, Zoe Kirkwood uses the visual language and extravagance of the Baroque Spectacle to create vibrant worlds that bring together painting, sculpture and installation.

Inspired by the idea of the bel composto in which the Baroque artist Gian Lorenzo Bernini fused painting, sculpture and architecture into a singular, immersive work of art, she experiments with ways of integrating sculpture and installation into her painted work in order to bring it into the physical space of the viewer. In her most recent body of work she creates a spatial installation that plays heavily with ideas of theatricality. Resembling a large elaborate stage set, these works take elements and processes from earlier sculptures and paintings and subject them to a series of transformations that see them move between two and three dimensional form as she continues to investigate ways in which a painting might spill out into the gallery space and engulf the audience.


Zoe Kirkwood is an emerging artist based in Adelaide, South Australia. She graduated with first class Honours in Visual Arts in 2013 from the University of South Australia School of Art, Architecture and Design. She has been involved in numerous exhibitions locally and interstate and earlier this year she travelled to New York to exhibit with CHASM Gallery (Chromo-spatial 2015). In 2014 her graduate work was included in Hatched: National Graduate Show at Perth Institute of Contemporary Art and was awarded the Doctor Harold Schenberg Art Prize. Her work has also been shown at Canberra Contemporary Art Space (The Screen Set 2015), FELT Space (White Out 2014) , Hugo Michel Gallery and the Contemporary Art Centre of SA (Space Invaders 2014).

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