Dani McKenzie, Kissing You, 2021, oil on linen, 46 x 61cm





[MARS] are showing in Spring 1883 at The Hotel Windsor in August 2021.


‘she told me it was in room 422 so I went…’

At this year’s iteration of SPRING, MARS Gallery is delighted to spring back from lockdown with artworks guaranteed to put a spring back into your step. All the elements that make MARS unique will be on display – the drama of Atong Atem, the eroticism of Scotty So, the wry and dry humour of Kenny Pittock, and the other-worldliness of Penelope Davis’ creations will transform a hotel suite into a realm of phantasmagoria, a hallucinogenic potpourri of the whimsical, a world of the wonderous and the wicked, the sensual and the strident.


“At MARS we pride ourselves on eclecticism,” says gallery director Andy Dinan. “Exotic and erotic at times to be sure. But also thoughtful and considered and skilful and a lot of fun along the way.”





Exhibiting Artists:

Giles Alexander

Atong Atem

Nancy Constandelia

Penelope Davis
Eliza Gosse

Casey Jeffrey
Jenna Lee

Dani McKenzie
Kenny Pittock
Hannah Raisin
Diego Ramirez
Scotty So
Meagan Streader

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